Denta Seal: reviews, price and where to buy effective teeth whitening solution?

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Contents: What is DentaSeal? | Ingredients | How does it work?

A shiny Hollywood-style smile is everyone’s dream. Can you get perfectly white teeth without expensive dental procedures? It is worth trying Denta Seal for teeth whitening. What is this food supplement and how does it work? How much does Denta Seal whitening paste cost and where can I buy it?

Yellow teeth usually appear as a result of plaque build-up. This is usually caused by inadequate oral hygiene, smoking or eating a large amount of colouring food and beverages, such as coffee, wine or colourful fizzy drinks. If you do not brush your teeth right after a meal, then a thin precipitate forms, from which a layer of tartar becomes hard and impossible to brush off.

Unfortunately, even frequent brushing of teeth with ordinary food supplements does not bring the desired results. This is because most pastes only help to remove food residue, but do not protect teeth.

Often, the problem of yellow teeth is associated with enamel demineralisation, hypersensitivity, brown spots and the development of caries. Often weakened and discoloured teeth goes hand in hand with gum disease, which without taking appropriate steps can even lead to the loss of teeth.

The solution can be DentaSeal tooth whitening, which thanks to its unique formula not only whitens teeth, but also regenerates enamel and protects the gums. How does it work and what else will you gain from using Denta Seal?

What is DentaSeal? Ingredients

Teeth whitening paste DentaSeal has been developed based on many years of laboratory research. Its specially composed composition and innovative formula focuses on the restoration of natural and beneficial microflora in the oral cavity and remineralisation of enamel.

The patented composition of DentaSeal contains substances such as:

  • Hydroxyapatite – the main substance in DentaSeal, which provides multi-level action. It is a mineral component of connective tissues, and in the body, it is responsible for the mechanical strength of bones, including teeth. DentaSeal, thanks to this mineral, builds into the enamel structure, ensuring healthy and strong teeth. It makes up for calcium and phosphorus deficiencies in tooth enamel, makes teeth harder and more resistant to cavities.
  • Amino acids and vitamins – strengthen the microflora in the mouth and help maintain a proper pH, which reduces unpleasant smells in the mouth.
  • Fermented protein from papaya fruit – has antibacterial properties that heal and prevent the development of inflammation in the oral cavity. It also whitens teeth and evens out the pH.

Unlike many other whitening pastes, DentaSeal does not contain abrasive compounds – teeth do not become hypersensitive to foods or warm and cold drinks.
The paste is made of natural and safe ingredients. DentaSeal for whitening teeth does not contain fluoride, which, although it protects teeth, can be harmful in high doses. DentaSeal also does not contain chlorhexidine – a substance used in other oral care preparations that can cause discolouration. DentaSeal for teeth whitening is also free of triclosan, for which there are indications that it can have a carcinogenic effect.

How does the whitening toothpaste work?

The unique composition of DentaSeal whitening paste provides multi-stage action in the oral cavity, which includes both the teeth whitening process as well as curative effects on teeth and gums.

The producer ensures that using DentaSeal for teeth whitening leads to the following improvement in the condition of teeth and gums:

  • DentaSeal paste crystallizes and bonds with the structure of tooth enamel;
  • a protective layer that prevents hypersensitivity appears on the teeth;
  • damage and cracks in the teeth are filled, which prevents the growth of bacteria and protects teeth against decay and damage;
  • tooth enamel becomes smooth, whiter and shiny – a visible whitening effect.
  • teeth protection prevents the appearance of new discolourations.

It is worth noting that the use of other whitening pastes based on artificial ingredients most often destroys enamel and causes hypersensitivity – after treatment it is necessary to repair enamel, which is associated with additional costs.

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